Which is better - Emirates or Qatar Airways for Business class to London using Qantas FF points?

Hi guys,

2 of us are looking to fly business one way to London using our Qantas FF points via classic reward seats. We are trying to compare Emirates and Qatar. Searching on the FF site, Qatar requires an additional 11,000 points but taxes charges etc are $200 approx less.

So I guess what we are mulling over at the moment is:

  1. Which business class service is better (Melb - London)
  2. Can we earn Qantas points? which would offer better earn rate?

Any recommendations/info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can never earn points on rewards flights for any airline .  there are very rarely offers when status credits or points are offered but these are special

The Qatar business class is consistently voted the best in the world, so lovely as the Emirates product is Qatar is better.

I wouldn’t worry about the taxes, points etc; keep it in perspective, what’s an extra 11,000 if you’re already shelling out 400,000 or there abouts?

The biggest problem you’ll encounter is availability if you’re hoping to fly the superior Qatar business product. Qatar are quite known for keeping availability in their premium cabins quite close to their chest, whereas conversely Emirates you’ll find are much easier to get a hold of. I think you’ll really struggle to get availability through Qantas Frequent Flyer unless you’re holding Gold or better status.

If you can get Qatar, do it. Having flown both there’s no doubt in my mind it’s the better product to London, but if you can’t get it don’t hold your breath. Emirates are beautiful, and rather than risk missing out entirely if Qatar don’t drop more availability later in the game, I’d say take Emirates.

Hope that Helps!