Which has better award availability in premium economy to USA (Qantas or Velocity)?

Hi there!

I’d like to get some advice/suggestions on who I should be collecting points with, either Qantas or Velocity, based who has better reward seat availability with Y+ on flights to/from the US

I’m planning to make a trip to the Orlando, USA sometime in early Feb 2022, so plenty of time to start accumulating points.
I was just there with my partner just last December, so this will be our second trip there, and while the inbound trip in Economy X with Virgin Aus was comfortable enough, the return flight was less than bearable for myself.

While I’d be content with flying SYD-MCO in economy, I will definitely take the trip back home in premium economy (having both journeys in premium would be ideal but can live without!)
Now it’s just a matter of whether I should start getting points with either Qantas or Velocity? For the sake of this lets say we’re starting with 0 points and no status

I’ve churned through some cards previously for J seats in SQ with Velocity points, and this month I will be redeeming another flight in J for an upcoming trip so I’m familiar with Velocity.

Qantas does appear to offer appealing products in regards to their Y+ seats, however I’m not familiar with how good reward seat availability is with them or American Airlines.

I won’t be able to sign up on any Amex offers again until next year, and currently still holding a Citibank card that I’ll cancel after I sign up for a new card sometime soon.Just trying to decide between sign up bonuses for Qantas or Velocity.

If anyone could offer their 2 cents that’d be greatly appreciated!

I would say in terms of availability of premium economy seats, both are equally stingy. However, Qantas has the advantage simply because they have more routes to the US. They fly to LA from Brisbane, Sydney and a Melbourne and San Francisco from the last two. In addition to their Sydney to Dallas flight and also their Honolulu flights as well as their seasonal Vancouver flight. This all pales in comparison to virgins flights to LA.

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