Which frequent flyer programs to use and routes to take for flights to Portugal with kids?


I will be travelling to Euopre with two young kids in May 2019.
I would like to make the long haul flights as comfortable as possible so am looking at a stop over each way. Possibly Phuket and Hong Kong. Long haul flights preferred in Business or First Class.
So it will be
Sydney - Phuket
Calabria, Italy
Sardegna, Italy

What points programs do I look to build for this itinerray?

Am open to chaning stopovers.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, re looking at round-the-world optons, individual flight bookings, etc

Thank you

Hi The Enz, round the world flights might work for you since you are after stopovers. Flying through Bangkok and Hong Kong should be relatively easier as these are major hubs. Maybe structure your itinerary similar to this Sydney-Bangkok-Lisbon/Milan/Rome/Florence-Hong Kong-Sydney. You may be able to fit shorter flights in. Just need to be patient and flexible. Try playing with multi-city tool on Qantas. Finding 3 business class seats may be a bit more challenging but not impossible. If you have Qantas status Gold or above, you will find better availability earlier. Good luck.

how many points do you currently have? to book such a detailed itinerary you would need to locking in flights 11 months out ie June this year.  4 business class round the world tickets on oneworld is over 1 million points. do you have enough points?

Warren, your comment on Gold status got me thinking. Qantas have a promo this weekend whereby you double your status points booking a trip this weekend. I have worked out that if I take my family to a holiday in hamilton island flying BusClass in and Econ Saver back I will rack up 720 status points and thus achieve Gold. The total costs of these flight would be $4885. Making the status point value $6.78. Travelling red would cost $1625. The difference being an extra $3260 to achieve gold. At this price the value of the status point is $4.53 for me.

Would you agree that this would be a good investment to attain a good status now that would be still valid for my big trip next year? Considering the advantages I may have securing Bus Class seats with GOLD status…