Which frequent flyer programme should I transfer my Amex points to?

I’m really confused. I have an Amex charge card and need to transfer a load of points out of it. I’m confused at which is the best FF programme to put them in.
I basically want the best bang for buck with the points.

From the list that Amex let me transfer to I’m thinking of Asia Miles, Emirates Skywards, Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer or Etihad Guest.

Does anyone have any opinion on which ones to avoid or if there is a standout?

As far as I can tell Asia Miles looks to be the best but I’m not sure; and from my reading this is Cathy Pacific but that I can also use the points for other oneworld airlines - so they’d be quite flexible

Any help of suggestions would be appreciated



Those four programmes you’ve narrowed it down to are all quality programmes that will give you access to quality products. You’re spoiled for choice!

From your question it seems apparent that you value flexibility – ie. being able to use your points on as many airlines as possible. If that’s the case, I’d narrow it down further to either Asia Miles, as you have done, or KrisFlyer. That’s because, as you’ve identified, Asia Miles gives you access to all Oneworld airlines (including Qantas), and KrisFlyer gives you access to Star Alliance airlines (as well as Virgin Australia).

On the other hand, if you’re going to be doing most of your travel in Australia, using Etihad Guest miles to book Virgin Australia flights generally gives excellent value.

If you don’t have any particular flight redemption in mind, I don’t think it really matters which programme you transfer your points to. Be aware that in all 4 of the above programmes, your points will expire after 3 years if you haven’t used them (by contrast, Qantas and Velocity points won’t expire if you keep your accounts active).

If you do have a redemption in mind, simply check how many points you’ll need in each programme, check actual availability, and make your decision based on what you find out.

All the best!


Thanks very much sixtyeight

I think you’ve confirmed what I had in mind - and that’s to transfer my points to Asia Miles.

Just some questions on Asia Miles as well now; if anyone knows that’d be awesome.

I’ve signed up myself and my wife for to Asia Miles.

My wife has a load of Westpac Altitude points as well.  I understand that I can transfer those points to her Asia Miles account.

Am I correct when I say that if I add her as a Redemption Group  member and she adds me as a Redemption Group member then we can share our Asia Miles points?

If I wanted to use the points for the rest of my family, say a child, then would they also need their own Asia Miles account and we all add each other as Redemption Groups?

One last question as well.

I’ve booked a trip with Cathy Pacific and using Emirates and Qantas for some legs.  My wife and I supplied our Qantas FF number for this booking.  Would we be better off changing this to our Asia Miles number now?

I think this would be the case seeing as we can use Asia Miles to book Qantas flights but we can’t use Qantas points to book any other airline.  Is that correct?


Thanks again

If you are transferring only because of the upcoming Amex changes in April 2019. As far as I know, as a Platinum Charge card holder myself, your point balance should be protected. I have received a letter from Amex saying my point balance would be doubled in June 2019. E.g. if I have 100k pts on 15 Apr, Amex will give me another 100k pts on 15 Jun.

My other friends, who are Charge card holders have also received this said letter from Amex.

Unless you are planning to cancel the card or have any immediate redemption plans, I wouldn’t transfer out just for the sake of transferring out.

By keeping your pts in a flexible form, you get to check award space and only transfer to the frequent flyer program that has award space on the dates you want to fly.

Personally I’d keep the Qantas FF number against your Qantas/Cathay/Emirates trip, because you can earn Qantas points on all three airlines. Alternatively you could try to register a different FF number against each flight, but that gets tricky and finicky.

On the other hand, if the flights on Emirates are a Qantas codeshare (ie. the flight number begins with “QF”) then you will also be able to earn Asia Miles on the flight so if that is the case it makes sense to change to the Asia Miles FF number.

Yes, you should be able to earn Asia Miles on your JAL flight as JAL is in the Oneworld Alliance.