Which frequent flyer program to credit to while flying with Emirates? (Qantas or Emirates)

Hey, I am a Silver member with Emirates and a Gold member with Qantas. I frequently travel to Ireland from Brisbane with Emirates, roughly twice per year, and was wonder which frequent flyer program I should be linking. I have read somewhere that it’s possible to get more points per mile by attaching my Qantas frequent flyer program to these regular flights, however I am reluctant to relinquish my Silver status with Emirates. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

It sounds like a points vs status question. What sort of cabin class or fare class do you usually fly in?

I’m not too familiar with the benefits of Skywards silver status. If the benefits outweigh the Qantas pts you can earn, it is worthwhile to keep the silver status.

Hello w.hiew,

I usually fly economy with both airlines. The benefits would be pretty similar between Emirates Silver and Qantas Gold.
The issue I have is that I don’t want to miss out on more potential points by assigning my Emirates FF instead of the Qantas one. Do you have any experience or advice regarding this?