Which frequent flyer program should I transfer my Westpac Altitude points for redemptions to North America?

Hi Keith,

I have a significant amount of Westpac Altitude points (over 800k) that I may be using for a trip to North America next year. I have enough points for 2 business class return flights or maybe even an around the world ticket for two.

The question is which program do I transfer the points into, Asia Miles or KrisFlyer?

I am a member of KrisFlyer, Velocity and Qantas (but I can’t transfer to Qantas. I can easily join Asia Miles if necessary.

What are your thoughts on which program would suit me best for rewards flights to Canada, North America and maybe even further? I’d appreciate your input.


Hi Larkey,

Obviously, you are asking because of the impending devaluation from Altitude to Krisflyer and Asia Miles.

Keith outlined recently here the general decision making process/questions to ask yourself before jumping to transfer from Altitude:

  • Do you have a redemption in mind requiring extensive travel on either Singapore Airlines or on oneworld airlines?
  • How often do you redeem via Velocity (who’s transfer rates aren’t changing)? Is it worth leaving some points in Altitude for the possibility of future bonuses on transfers to Velocity?
  • If you transfer out any points to Asia Miles and/or KrisFlyer now, can you use them in the three year period before they will expire?
Please spend some time reading these for a reminder as to which FF program and routes are best value for redemptions (incl to US).


Also read up on Cathay Pacific Asia Miles programs - one of the better FFP for Aust IMO. Doesn’t hurt to join too. I have 0 Asia Miles :wink:



Both Krisflyer and Asia Miles are great FFP but each have their pros and cons. As with any award bookings, I try to book them when they are released so best to be organised and know destinations, routes, dates you intend to fly.

Good luck

Hi w-hiew,

Thanks for the advice and links. All very helpful. At this time Asia Miles seems to be the way to go. Now I just need to work out how many points I need. I am considering the RTW one-world multi carrier for 190k pts in business.

Do you know if I book a RTW ticket, what are the fees for any changes to the flights because they are flexible and can be used over a 12 month period?

I appreciate your help.