Which frequent flyer program should I stick to? Qantas or Qatar?

Hi all,

My daughter is an international athlete who flies about 5 times a year internationally and quite a bit domestically.

She’s currently in two loyalty programs - Qantas and Qatar. Both are OneWorld.

She’s currently silver in Qantas and needs 90 status credits to keep it before end October.
She needs 540 Status Credits to reach Gold before end October.
Points with Qantas are family shared. We use a Qantascash card for all household spending, or a Qantas FF linked credit card.

She’s just dropped back to Silver from Gold with Qatar and their dashboard says:
You need to earn an additional135 Qpoints by 28 May 2018 to renew your Silver tier.
You need to earn an additional 137 Qpoints and meet at least one of the below criteria by 01 May 2017 To upgrade to Gold level.
She’s got about 63000 Qmiles.

She’s about to fly Qatar - a month late to keep Gold :frowning: - to Germany. In Aug or Sept she’ll fly to Moscow, and early next year will be travelling but not known where at this point.

She’ll do several domestic flights - probably Qantas in the remainder of this year.

How do I work out which program she’s better of crediting points to? The OneWorld info I’ve seen isn’t obvious about whether points on partner airlines are of equivalent value.

If they generally fly Qatar, and only occasionally fly Qantas internationally is she better to continue with the Qmiles membership, and can she get Qatar points inc status on Qantas domestic flights?

Or does she bite the bullet and use the Qantas FF program for everything?

So confused. Any good advice appreciated.



Hi Dave,

Without being too familiar with Qatar FF program, since Qatar and Qantas are members of oneWorld, I would say focus on 1 FF program, which ever one is easier to maintain status in. Status on either 1 would generally be recognised on the other since they are members of oneWorld.

Best to work out how status credits are earned.

Qantas calculator

Qatar calculator

Good luck.

Qantas gives much less status credits to Qatar flights compared to qantas or Emirates code share (QF number) flights to Europe.

I haven’t checked but I’m pretty sure Qantas gives more credits to domestic as well. However if you’re flying Qatar a lot it may be better to credit to Qatar