Which frequent flyer program should I credit for an Emirates business class flight?

I am going to be flying Business Class return to Germany shortly on an EK booked ticket.

I’m a Qantas Platinum FF and would like to continue to build my status credits as well as FF points balance.

I have about 30,000 Skywards points currently.

Do you think at check-in I should present my Skywards or Qantas FF card?


It really depends what your goals are. To get to Qantas Platinum 1 or to start building status with Skywards.

As a Platinum member with QFF, you earn 62k points and 280 SC (Business fare).

As a Blue Emirates Skywards member, you earn 24800-47120 Skyward Miles and Tier Miles depending on your fare class.

QF calculator link

EK calculator link


My understanding of the codeshare agreement between EK and QF was that if you have booked an EK ticket, then you will not earn any status credits towards QFF… Only points. I could be wrong here, but thats just what I have heard on the grape vine (and also from using the QF Calculator).

From what Marc has said, it sounds like it is an EK issued flight/ticket. Therefore, you would earn 0 status credit, and only points. As you are already a Platinum FF with QF, I would base my decision on:

  • Do I want to earn QFF points?
  • Do I want to build my Skywards points balance and earn some status with EK
Just my 2c.

Happy travels.