Which frequent flyer points to use to redeem flights for Melbourne or Sydney to Europe - Velocity or Qantas points?

G’day hackers,

My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe for 5 weeks this May. My confusion is that I have 200k points with both Velocity (Silver) and Qantas (red :frowning: ) and I am not sure which is best to use for the trip… We are considering flying into and out of different locations, ie landing in Paris or Zurich and flying out of London. Any help or advice would be awesome!

All qantas redemptions are one way . So you can easily fly out from a different location. You can also redeem points on one world partners like cathay, qatar and also Emirates.

With virgin points you are only limited to etihad and singapore

I might add that if you wish to reduce the out of pocket costs, try and avoid flying internationally out of London as that would attract a high surcharge.

I would 1stly check whether there are availabilities on both Virgin and Qantas. If there are only availabilities on one, it will be an easier choice.