Which economy seat is better on Qantas A380 vs B787?

Hi everyone,

I am planning to fly LA to Melbourne economy class on Qantas.

There are 2 flight options departing 1 hour apart.

The first option is the 787 Dreamliner which is $70 cheaper than the A380.

Could I please get some advice whether paying $70 extra is worth it for the A380.

Thanks :slight_smile:

B787 seat pitch 32" width 17.2" 3-3-3 configuration.
A380 seat pitch 31" width 17.5" 3-4-3 configuration.

I presume the two seats are much of a muchness. I would pick B787, because it is a newer plane, less passengers, more leg room.

Maybe others who have flown the two Qantas aircraft can comment more.

If you can score the upper deck on the a380 it could it worth it for the cool factor and the 2-4-2 config. Otherwise, 787 is better is just about everyway except for seat width. The Boeing has a much better IFE screen, seats that arenโ€™t worn out and armrests that go fully up.

I have to say the a380 seats are quite worn and the IFE is very very unresponsive. If you can score the upper deck though, you can get a window with storage bins that could be worth it.