Which do you think is the better option, buying additional AMEX MR Points or transferring my Velocity Points to Krisfyer?


you may have seen my other post re. which carrier provides the lowest point redemption requirement for a F class return journey from Australia (east coast) to Europe (LHR or CDG)

My thinking is that Singapore Airlines (SQ) provides the best option and so I will continue this post on that basis.

I already have enough Krisflyer points for the outbound leg (through favouring my Singapore Airlines account on previous Star Alliance flights and previous AMEX MR points to SQ transfers).

For the return leg I will need to transfer my remaining 176k AMEX MR points to Krisflyer and have three options available for the shortfall:

  1. "Slum it"" and fly J class with no requirement to purchase of points
  2. Purchase 51k AMEX MR points at $1275 for transfer to SQ Krisflyer.
  3. Transfer approx 70k Velocity points to SQ Krisflyer.
My first thought was to just purchase the 51k AMEX MR points as that would make the total cost of 2 return F class flights about AU$3275 which seems relatively inexpensive when compared to buying 2 commercial tickets for the same flights.

However, when I think about doing a Velocity points transfer, while 70k points is a lot when earning points from domestic flights and credit card expenditure, it is not a lot if I participate in future credit card sign up offers (e.g the AMEX 100k Velocity point offer from last year). As I have no credit card loyalty, I figure I could earn between 60k and 100k points for about $400 to $600 for a couple of future credit card sign up offers.

Interested in your thoughts.



Personally, I don’t mind slumming it in J as long as it’s not Economy (and Premium Economy is still Economy). I tend to go F as a special treat when I have an excess of points, but I didn’t realise you could BUY Amex MR points?? This I’ll need to look into because I’ve got quite a few now after getting for the Platinum card. I started to think it may be too hard to juggle more than one scheme (currently loyal QFF) but hearing how good SQ redemption is (thanks to this site) and if I can top up points on MR, that might be a good option. Two return F class flights about AU$3275 on SQ? I haven’t done the maths, but that’s bargain basement. Just check what aircraft. I’m in Sydney but my parents recently few J on SQ BNE-SIN and it was an old aircraft with domestic style J seats (not beds). They weren’t happy.