Which chain hotel to Align with Velocity - Gold/Platinum status?

Hi There,

Lookign for some advice for which hotel rwards program to align with.

I’m gold with velocity, likely shortly will be Platinum. I travel mainly for work with the odd holiday here or there (often do airbnbs with my parner ut may adjust this if rewards program makes sense to do so).
For work have the ability to pick own hotels withig reason (and still need to stick to a budget set by work, nothign top tier) staying in hotels probably approx 20 nights per year for work.

I’m looking for the best hotel rewards group to align myself with, both for benefits and but primarily for point earning capibilities - wether that be hotel rewards or just flowing into velocity. Same thing for car hire as well, have the ability to choose which care hire company we use in work.

Any tips much appreciated! I was initally thinking Accor ALL but seems it’s more aligned with Qantas?


G’day @james.deighton

If you’re Gold/Platinum with Velocity, then you get the opportunity to apply for status with Hilton, or IHG. If you’re Velocity Gold, then you’ll get Hilton Gold OR IHG Gold. If you’re Velocity Platinum, and then apply for hotel status, you will get matched to Hilton Diamond OR IHG Platinum. Of the two, Hilton provides by far the best benefits in terms of upgrades etc, but I would definitely check the places you’re going to be travelling to (as there’s no point in having Hilton Diamond if at all the places you’re travelling to there isn’t any, and vice versa). If you’re booking with IHG, you can earn Velocity points in lieu of IHG rewards as well.

Overall, I would wait till you get Platinum, then apply for Hilton Diamond (assuming that fits your needs), as they have good coverage in Australia, and provide decent benefits, especially compared to IHG. The Hotel rewards you get will also be nice to accrue as well.

Hope this helps!