Which business or first class has the best 'double' bed for couples?

Hi all
As mentioned in title, I’m looking to get your favourite / best recommendations for premium cabins in business or 1st, best suited for travelling couples who have the ability to lay next to each other!
open for all FF programs/flights.

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This article might be of interest. Enjoy.

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Double beds that are easily accessible with points would be the Singapore Airlines business class on their a380 or their suites as well. The business class is particularly easy to book with points (just transfer from AMEX or Velocity, they can even hold awards).

I also quite like the QSuites but availability on the 777 from Sydney to Doha isn’t the best but if you’ve got spare Qantas points, this isn’t too bad too!

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Hi Cameron

I will need some more details, is there a special occasion happening ?
Are you planing some romance? or joining a club?

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Thank you for your replies! Much appreciated.

No exact time frame, we’re thinking Europe or US in Q1/2 of 2020 for Winter so trying to book 12 months out. Have >400k qantas points to burn for the trip and lay flat sounds great. Was looking into Qatar airways Qsuites but avaibility seems shit house. FYI, just signed up for amex rewards so that’ll be our primary point earning method (more flexibility) from now on.

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i haven’t been lucky enough to fly Qsuites but i am sure they are amazing as service on Qatar is always great , i would just keep checking back often and different dates and i am sure your perseverance will pay off.

Good luck searching


British Airways business class on the 777 give you an almost sleeping together experience. There is a very low partition which separates you but the footwell is clear and the high partitions around the outside make it a very secluded space. The only downside is you face backwards but once airborne you don’t notice it.

With QFF points we recently looked for one way direct booking business from Perth to Barcelona with Qantas/Emirates had Dubi stopover not available for our dates. Success with Perth to Singapore first leg overnight stay Qantas business then Singapore to Barcelona with Qatar business with the Qsuits 1hr stopover in Doha all with points 280K for 2 people.