Which business class product is superior on the Sydney to Los Angeles route? Delta or Virgin?

Greetings, I’m Sydgal and this is my first post (goodness I feel like I’m back in the 1990’s and on Fidonet) I’ve been reading this site for ages. I have a question. I’m due to fly to LA from SYD next August.

I’m Velocity Gold member. I’ve flown Virgin Business to LA for quite a few years for conferences. I like their business product but I’ve seen Delta’s new business class seat.

Which to choose? Which product is superior?


It really depends on what you value most. Delta’s seat has a closing door which is great if you want privacy but it does also mean the seat overall is more narrow and cramped than Virgin’s. I still find catering and service on Virgin superior to Delta. I also value the bar because I want some place to get up and sit somewhere different in the 12 hour duration of the flight.

For me personally, I would still choose Virgin but both are good products!

Thanks for the response, djtech. I have been looking at trying to find a review about the width of the chair but no one has really written anything about it. Have you flown in that chair?

Yes I have flown in both. My frame is quite broad so I found the space on the Delta One suites more constricted than Virgin’s.

Thank you! I’ll stick with Virgin!