Which business class experience to Singapore is better - via Melbourne or Sydney?

I am in the stages of planning a business class redemption for the family of 4 to Singapore using my Krisflyer points around this time next year.

I can go via Melbourne or Sydney and can’t really split them by looking at preferred deapture/arrival times so really it comes down to the experience of the lounges and the planes at either airport.

I am interested in hearing peoples’ views on what they would consider a “better business class experience as a package” flying out of MEL or SYD? Probably not much in it but am interested nonetheless.


Hello Corey.prj,

I’ve read some great things about the Singapore Airlines lounge in Sydney. It had a $90 million upgrade in 2013 and Matt did a great review on the lounge here: https://www.pointhacks.com.au/reviews/silverkris-business-class-lounge-sydney-overview/

I’ve read some mixed reviews regarding the Singapore Airlines lounge in Melbourne so based off lounges I would fly from Sydney.

Also, as you are flying Singapore Airlines business class you will be entitled to use Air New Zealand’s lounge. I haven’t visited or read anything on their Melbourne lounge however I’ve read a bit about their Sydney lounge which appears to be fantastic. The Sydney Air New Zealand lounge also has a great area for kids so this might be good for you as you are travelling with the family. Clayton did a great review on the Air New Zealand Sydney lounge here: https://www.pointhacks.com.au/reviews/air-new-zealand-sydney-international-lounge-overview/

In terms of Singapore Airlines planes, all flights from the east coast of Australia offer great business class seats however I belive they only fly their new A350s from Melbourne to Singapore however they do fly their new A380s on the Sydney to Singapore route which have their all new business class seats.

If it was me flying I would chose to go from Sydney just to check out their awesome lounge (and Air New Zealand’s one!).

Happy flying, all the best!

Kind Regards,


SQ232 will get you the brand new business class on the a380 from Sydney. This was launched in mid Dec '17

The same flight on the return is SQ221

There are arguments both ways…

Both lounges are smallish, but Sydney is nicer and the Melbourne one has no exterior windows. A point for Sydney then.

Noting however that you can “go via Sydney or Melbourne”, the transit at Melbourne is a short walk, rather than a bus ride. Point for Melbourne, especially if you have a short transit.

Then it comes down to aircraft. The A350 and 777-300ER seats are the same, and both are good planes. The A350 is probably my choice - I seem to feel better after flying it. The A380 is also also fine, but only if you get one with the refitted business class.

You may also consider Brisbane, which has a lounge nicer than Melbourne, and also fly’s A350s.

Have fun!