Which airline to fly business class with? Emirates, Qantas or Etihad?

I’ll be flying overseas next month and have been given an option to fly Qantas, Emitates or Etihad. I chose Etihad based on reviews here but dates I need they aren’t available. I’ve never flown either airlines in business class and wanted to get the best experience. I’ve heard just make sure you get an A380. How has your experience been?

Recommend you go with Emirates. The access to the bar (regardless of whether you drink or not) at the rear of Business Class makes a long haul flight a lot more acceptable.   In addition make use of the chauffeur drive service if you can.

My personal preference is one of the 2 Middle East airlines. It is a personal preference at the end of the day. Whether you value the seat, in flight bar, ground service.

It all depends on the aircraft that you get with Etihad. Their new business studio’s which are fitted on their A380’s and 787’s are amazing, but the business product which you receive on their older A330’s and 777’s is poor by comparison.

You’ll find A380’s in service from Sydney and Melbourne to Abu Dhabi and a dreamliner from Brisbane, so if that’s your departure point then you’re sweet. On the shorter leg into Europe, flying into Paris, London, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf will get you the nicer business product aboard an A380 or dreamliner.

Qantas into Europe does not offer direct aisle access to each passenger in business which is a massive downside (it goes 2-2-2 across). I’ve always found the service with Qantas to be very professional and the food and wine excellent, so they’ve got a massive plus there but to me business is all about the seat and that’s why I pay the extra.