Which airline should I contact when adding infant to reservation?

I need some help. I have been trying to add an infant ticket to my Air Canada business class ticket that I booked through Krisflyer for the last 2 months and am still having no luck.
My husband and I are travelling from Melbourne to Vancouver in September with Air Canada using points from Krisflyer. We booked our tickets easily with Krisflyer and at the time they said we will need to add the infant later and it could not be done at the time of our booking.
Since then I have tried to add the infant through Krisflyer to get a ticket on points or pay for a ticket but they say this is not possible. I have called them multiple times and they keep referring to me to Air Canada. Air Canada says they can not issue the ticket for the infant as the stock is Singapore Airlines stock and it must be booked through either Krisflyer or Singapore airlines. They say that the ticket does not become “Air Canada” until a few days before travel and that is the only time they can add the ticket. I have called Singapore airlines and they say they can not issue an Air Canada ticket. I have tried to speak to the “senior” member of every team and am still stuck. Does anyone have any advice on who should be booking the infant ticket?

Hi ginag,

I have asked a few friends that have had experience with this. They said it is generally the airline program that you redeemed with (Krisflyer) that has to issue infant ticket. With Krisflyer, you generally have to pay 10% of the revenue fare for the infant (in lap). I would suggest keep trying and escalate to a manager/supervisor. I know it is frustrating but not every agent is equally skilled/experienced. I have read of point/travel bloggers that had to get the 2 airlines into a conference call to be able to get someone to actually do something as they were initially finger pointing.
Good luck and report back if you had any luck.

Thank you! I will call Krisflyer back and try again. Love the idea of a conference call. Will post back with update.
Thank you again

Still no luck and hoping to get more ideas as I’m flying out in 3 weeks and it appears that the only option is to cancel the tickets!
I tried the conference call and both Krisflyer and Air Canada kept pointing the finger to each other saying it was the other person’s responsibility for an hour on the phone. Both said they would call me back and both did saying it’s not their responsibility.
Krisflyer suggested that would add the infant on his own seat for the full adult points but then proceeded to say that their redemption quota is full for the flight so they can’t do that either.
Should I contact Singapore airlines instead (again) as it’s their ticket stock which is why Air Canada says they can’t help (though Singapore Airlines tells me they can’t book a ticket for Air Canada)? Any advice will be appreciated.

In all my experiences booking infant tickets in the last couple of years, unless you can book the infant at the same time as the adult/s, its the operating airline that needs to issue the ticket. Every time I have made a Kris Flyer redemption for myself, I haven’t been able to book my infant at the same time and have needed to call the operating airline to book an infant ticket (paying cash) on a new reservation that is linked to my Kris Flyer redemption reservation.

Thanks for your response. I’ll keep trying with Air Canada. Have you ever had the situation where the ticket stock is of another airline to the one your are flying? (In our case it’s Singapore Airlines ticket stock)

Yes, always infant on his own ticket from operating airline stock and I am on redemption airline ticket stock.

Thank you. Just to clarify. Is this a lap infant or an infant on their own seat? Was a it a full fare ticket or 10% + taxes.
Thank you again!

Lap infant & whatever the lap infant fare was for the operating airline (generally around 10% plus taxes).