Which airline program would match my Velocity Gold Membership?

I’ve just achieved Gold Membership with Virgin Australia. Can you please advise which other airlines will match the membership so that I can utilise their lounges etc.

Hi Carolyn,

Have a look on http://statusmatcher.com/company/qantas (link is for Qantas to Virgin) but you can look through which target airlines you are interested in.

As you can see, the latest Virgin to Qantas status match response were all “challenges” in the hand full of inputs in 2016. That is to say QFF challenges you to achieve some targets within a time period. If you manage to satisfy the targets, they give you what was agreed upon.

Other airline programs may be more open to matching directly.

There was (unsure whether still valid) a period when NZ members can get matched QFF for VFF status holders under a promotion. Promotion wasn’t valid for AUS members.

Thanks! Really appreciate your response and hyperlink! Happy travels!