Which airline program is best value when redeeming a Marriott Travel Pack?

Hey guys,

Hoping some of you will help me decipher where best to utilise the starwood points I accumulated. I have abour 450k spgs, which I just transferred over to Marriott rewards.

I want to get them redeemed before the Marriott Hotel + Flight devaluation happens.

I am interested in turning them into 4x Hotel + Flight marriott seven night packages. I think this is probably the best value I will get out of them. I really like ANA for its great redemption rates but perhaps better off crediting it elsewhere that I am simply not aware of. Alaska Air seems like a good option too. I do travel overseas frequently, probably 4-5 times a year, twice to Europe, once to the Americas/Canada, and twice to Asia, not so much interstate travel. Of course I prefer to use them for business class redemption if possible.

How would you guys redeem these points? Where to credit?

Any input if much appreciated!


With SPG, the best travel package was United and Aeroplan. The redemption chart is pretty good. Since I don’t travel a lot at all, I chose to sell them to sellmymilesnow.com who gave me the highest rate. Was pleased with the fast turnaround and prepayment.