Which airline program allows retrospective claims for Qatar fare N that Qantas doesn't give points for?

Booked a last minute flight through Qatar Airways last month (PER->DOH->BOS->YOW) and in my rush to book somehow I didn’t enter my Qantas FF number … only when I went to claim missing points did I realise that Qantas don’t honour points for the “Economy Saver” on Qatar.

Learnt my lesson about being more strategic in the class I book, and checking wheretocredit, and making sure my FF details go in when I book (honestly not sure how I missed that last one), but wondering if there’s any way to salvage points from the $1800 flight.

The only other FF program I currently have membership with is Aeroplan/Air Canada (who did credit my lost points claim on the BOS->YOW flight, where they were the carrier), but I don’t believe they’ll honour a points claim on PER->DOH->BOS (where Qatar was the carrier).

I did have Kris Flyer account, but looks like it expired from not using it. I can’t imagine if I sign up for a new program that I can claim lost points for flights before my registration date.


I believe the only program is Qatar Airways’ own Qmiles prvilege program. It allows for retroactive claims of Qatar airways flights but their program’s value is very low. I don’t think its worth it anyways.