Which airline/frequent flyer program should I transfer my Amex MR points for best value flights to Maldives/Tahiti?


Can anyone advise the best airline to transfer my Amex points to for the best value business flights to Maldives/Tahiti?

Any info would be much appreciated.


Hi CC,

What class of seats would you be hoping to redeem? Economy or Business?

At first glance, there are a lot more ways to get to Maldives compared to Tahiti.

If you are looking at business class tickets, Tahiti seems to be a very challenging destination to redeem award seats. I myself struggled when I needed to find award business seats to Tahiti earlier this year.

I quote from the response I got from one of the many 'award seats booking business" out there: Papeete is very challenging to book award seats for due to the limited number of airline operating and number of flights operating to PPT. Unfortunately, we would not be able to help you with booking award seats to PPT. PPT is one of the few destinations in the world that we would not provide service for.

I ended up securing flights through American Airlines (partner with Air Tahiti Nui).

Servicing Maldives I found Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Sri Lanka Air, Singapore Airlines, etc.