Which airline and frequent flyer program should I transfer Amex and ANZ reward points to redeem a business class trip to Europe?

Hi guys,

Need advice on what to redeem points for. I have a few hundred thousand reward points saved up over the last few years on my Amex Platinum Edge and ANZ Black Rewards card.

My plan is to finally take a trip to Europe next year and want to redeem it for at least business class seat return upgrades for myself and my partner.

There are a lot of options looking over the flight partners, but the only 4 that crossover are:

Asia Miles
Air New Zealand

All these travel to Europe so it doesn’t cut down my choices at all. Does anyone have any experience or expertise with which one I should transfer to with my trip in mind?

From what I have researched, Velocity is out of the picture as i am not a certain status level with them so I can’t redeem for long-haul flights.

Do any of these other airlines have restrictions like this? I am not a high-status member on any of them.

IMO, Air New Zealand’s program is out of the question because it is based on how much a revenue ticket costs.

Krisflyer is probably your best bet for award availability.

You don’t need to hold frequent flyer status to redeem with Velocity points.

Try doing some searches for award space on the 3 programs and see what is available. then transfer when you are ready to redeem.

Good luck.