Where to transfer Amex points to if planning to cancel Amex credit card?


I’m looking at closing my Amex account to then reopen in 18 months and (hopefully) secure a sign-up bonus of circa 100k. (Based on my calcs/spend the total points earn surpasses just keeping the Amex open, but happy to be corrected.)

Assuming I’ll lose my points if I close the Amex, I’m looking at where to move my points.

I generally use Velocity FF and would be looking to buy an international flight in the next 2-3 years. Given award availability and destinations, I’m thinking that transferring Amex to Krisflyer as a ‘holding’ account would be better than transferring to Velocity and then having to transfer on again to Krisflyer once I decide on destination.

Are there any other options I should be aware of?

Many thanks,


Yes. You will have to transfer out your points before cancelling the card. Otherwise, you will lose your points.

Please bear in mind the points transferred to Krisflyer will expire after 3 years.