Where to shop and what cards to use to maximise point earn?


Long time reader, first time registerer.

I have Virgin and Qantas set up, both have just above 3000 points.

I have a Woolworths rewards card and a Virgin Velocity FF card, pretty sure I have a qantas card.

But what do I do!? Can someone please fill in the blanks!?

Groceries at _________ and use _______ card
Petrol at _________ and use _________ card
Use my ABN with _________ program/card (my business card is with CommBank)

I just want to know the basics and start building them, very good at sticking to particular stores or services but just need to know the right ones to stick to!

Will be forever grateful for anyones assistance!

Everyone will be different depending on what they are targeting.


Groceries at Woolworths. Buy discounted Wish cards using AMEX Plat Edge, Scan rewards card when checking out

Petrol at BP and use Plat Edge card, scan velocity card at checkout

Not sure that your ABN gives you anything, but if you pay BAS, PAYG etc you may be able to pay on a credit card to earn points for this spend.