Where to find a list of taxes, fees and carrier charges for Qantas from Melbourne to Europe?


I’m currently collecting Qantas FF points for redemption down the track for a trip to Europe. I was trying to find a list of the taxes, fees and carrier charges Qantas charges for business class flight award redemptions but couldn’t find anything. Are you able to provide a list (at this point in time, as I’m sure these change over time) of these, or provide any links? From what I’ve seen on the limited ‘Where Can I Go?’ calculator on the Qantas page, it seems Lisbon has some of the lowest fees?


Hi Danny,

I don’t know of a list that does that but I use ITA Matrix to find out the approximate charges if I can’t get an estimate from the FF program (e.g. you need sufficient Qantas points to proceed to the tax/surcharge page).

EU has many airports hence, it is challenging to list all of the tax/surcharges.

I have compared London, Paris and Zurich before and Zurich is the lowest. Paris is a close second. London is high if you are departing internationally from there so make sense to avoid doing so.