Where to credit our LATAM flights to South America?

Hey Guys,

My partner and I are both QFF members, and will be travelling to South America pretty soon. We are flying with LATAM air for 7 international flights and was wondering if there was any benefit in linking my ‘Latam Pass’ rather than our QFF to the 7 flights? the downside is obviously no status credits but I’m not overly concerned, I’m assuming you cant transfer points from LATAM to Qantas?

Thanks in advance

Hi sebastian94,

Depending on your fare class, you will get different results. Check out wheretocredit.com.

If you are trying to maximise point earn, try finding a FF program that is useful. i.e.: no point getting 300% point earn but the points would be orphaned in that FFP.

If you are a status chaser, best to collect in Qantas if you already have some SC.

No, you cannot transfer between different FF programs, in general.