Where to credit Oman Air flights?

Hi all,

Boss has booked me a return trip to Europe which includes Oman Air Business class legs: Bangkok to Muscat to Frankfurt.

I’m at a loss where I should try and credit the the points earned on these flights.

A similar question was asked in 2018, but nothing since then.

Appreciate the help!

Hi @dicey84

Interesting question!

Your current options are Oman Air’s own Sinbad frequent flyer programme, or Etihad Guest. Each has its own advantages.

Etihad Guest is the more flexible option right now. You can use Etihad points on Virgin Australia and a host of other airlines, and it’s also not difficult to earn Etihad points in Australia (either through flying or from transferring points from credit cards such as AmEx).

Omad’s Sinbad programme is not all that useful now (points can only be used on Oman Air or Qatar Airways), and there are currently no Australian points earning options that I know of. But in 2024 Oman Air is scheduled to join Oneworld. This will obviously make Sinbad points a lot more useful if you’re willing to hold onto your points until then.

Just be aware that Sinbad points expire after 3 years. So if you’re holding onto them in the expectation that you’ll eventually be able to use them for Oneworld flights, you should be aware that you’ll be cutting it a bit fine if there is a delay with Oman joining Oneworld (and such a delay would not be unexpected).

On balance, if it were me I’d credit the flights to Etihad.

Hope this helps!

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I agree with everything @sixtyeight suggested!
Just wanted to introduce you to this website: https://www.wheretocredit.com/
It’s super useful for seeing where you can credit your points to for all different airlines.