Where to credit flights to? Velocity or Etihad?

Family of 3 flying economy to uk on Etihad using velocity points - should still earn status - returning on paid Etihad. Should we allocate points to Velocity and still earn status or Etihad for greater number of points?

Hi Louise,

You generally don’t earn points or status on redemption flights. Happy to be wrong.

It really depends on your circumstances (status you currently hold on the 2 FFP, point balance on both FFP, future plans for use of the points, etc.) as to which way to credit your flights to.

Check out wheretocredit.com or both Velocity of Etihad to calculate how much points/status you may earn for the paid flights.

Not very familiar with Etihad so unsure whether they have family pooling. Velocity does have family pooling which allows you to pool from the 3 of you into 1 single account, which makes it easier to attain status and have a larger single point balance.

If it was me,  I would be allocating the paid Etihad flight to Velocity, and then pool the family together with you as the head.    This then means you will accumulate all the status points to yourself.   Thats minimum of 70 SC * 3 person if my rough reckoning is right

You can pool the points in Etihad too,  but not the status credits.

(for VFF maximum of 2 adults in pooling w,  the rest have to be kids)

p.s. you dont earn SC on the rewards seat.