Where to credit Finnair business class flights to Europe?

Hi, I’m traveling to Europe with a ticket booked with Finnair in business class next month. I wanted to figure out whether I should credit my points to QFF (only bronze) or Alaska Air, or even Finnair Plus.

Itinerary is as follows:

  • Flying Sydney to HK with Qantas (QF flight number)
  • HK - Helsinki with Finnair
  • Helsinki to Copenhagen (Finnair)
  • Edinburgh to Helsinki (Finnair)
  • Helsinki to Hong Kong (Finnair)
  • HK to Sydney (Finnair Code, operated by Cathay)

I’ve used the QFF calculator and am slightly confused. I booked with Finnair but the first flight has a QF flight number - does this mean I get credits and points at QFF rates for this part of the trip? Secondly there’s no option to put in the Edinburgh to Helsinki leg - can this still get credited to QFF? In total if I use a QF code for the first leg, the calculator shows that I’ll get 27k points and 465 SC.

Alternatively looking at Alaska, they seem to have a 200% bonus on miles earned on Finnair J, C, D class (which I am). Will this bonus apply to all legs of my trip, excluding the QF leg?

Appreciate any help with this.

I love Alaska and would be crediting there. You only need 30,000 points to fly Aus-HK on Cathay business which is outstanding value!

Have you looked at wheretocredit.com for other program options?

Hey thanks, yes value on AS looks awesome and I did have a look on wheretocredit. Says I get 55k Alaska miles, but on the Alaska airlines website it says that ‘flight must be marketed and operated by Finnair’ which is what is throwing me off! I’m assuming that because the flight is marketed by Finnair, I won’t get any points for the Qantas leg, and because the last leg is operated by Cathay, I won’t get points for that either.

Also QFF have the triple qantas points offer that come out yesterday, which I think means the first leg, because it has a QF flight code gives me triple points for that leg.