Where to credit Etihad flight if travelling in a party of 5?

5 family members are traveling Brisbane to Rome on etihad. Which will earn us the most points, velocity or etihad ff numbers?

All depends what you want from the points/status. Velocity has family pooling where 1 person can get all the points/status credits so 5 return tickets even if discount ones should get you enough SC’s for velocity gold so long as you have taken 5 flights on Virgin metal (sectors don’t pool over so the person getting the points/credits needs to do 5 Virgin flights).

With Etihad I doubt individually you will earn enough for anything worthwhile.

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Thank you. I will choose Velocity, even though today I tried to book reward flights showing as available until after I had entered all details (3 times). Then I got an error message and told to ring contact centre who told me to download a different browser, which I did. Same message, then I was told flights not available but site had not been updated. I found another flight but 3 times the taxes. Very frustrating.

Note that Etihad also offer household pooling of Guest Miles.