Where to credit Air NZ flights after recent changes and still earn Velocity status and points?

We are making a trip to South America, USA and back to Australia from Oct 24 - Nov 14, 2017. We leave on Air NZ and can claim Velocity points from Sydney to Auckland and on to Buenos Aires. We will then get our Delta flights as Velocity points and status credits.

However, due to the Air NZ/Velocity change on Nov 1 we will not get any status credits or points on our return trip from LAX to Sydney. Because we are departing on Air NZ it is significantly cheaper to fly back via Air NZ.

Can we join another program that will allow us to transfer our points (and ideally status credits) to Velocity?


You can earn points from the Air NZ flight on Singapore Airlines’ Kris Flyer program and then transfer points back to Velocity. If you are on a cheap economy fare you probably won’t earn the minimum to be able to transfer, and you can’t transfer status, so you might want to weight up if it’s worth the effort. You can still earn direct to Velocity for the AKL-SYD part of your return trip.

There’s more information on here if you do a search for transferring points between Velocity and Kris Flyer.