Where to credit Air New Zealand flights?

I have a trip coming up with Air New Zealand for myself, wife and child. We don’t want airpoints so wondering where to credit?

I’ve seen suggestions for KrisFlyer but they obviously don’t have family pooling or allow transfers and most are points are with qantas so having 3 smaller accounts for KrisFlyer seems like a waste.

I’ve also seen virgin Atlantic and Etihad allow family pooling and have a 150% transfer rate either of these a good option,

Most our flying is saving to get to the Uk in Business from Perth, with the occasional trip to New Zealand / pacific and maybe Singapore/Bali.

It really depends on what airlines you fly and what you want out of the frequent flyer program. If you are hoping to achieve status, a program like Asiana Airline’s could work well for you. By the way, is there any reason that you don’t want to earn airpoints?

Hey we normally fly with qantas/ emirates.
We are mainly saving as many points as possible to do a business class Uk trip for Christmas 2021.
Currently only other program we are part of is velocity.
Unless I’m misinterpreting it the airpoints program just doesn’t seem as good value as other programs.
Also not to concerned about chasing status as that’s out of our budget to achieve really.
And we are more likely to travel to Uk/Europe than New Zealand anyway.

Just wondering what program would be the most useful for our goals.

From what I gather, your travel patterns mainly revolve around OneWorld and Qantas partners so earning any form of Star Alliance or partner currencies are not going to do you much good if you cannot actually use those points.

I would actually recommend earning Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles in this case because they can easily be transferred to Velocity so that you don’t have any ‘orphan’ miles but can consolidate them into two primary australian frequent flyer program currencies.

Ok that does make sense I was looking into having a secondary points earn to help with availability to find flights.
And KrisFlyer being able to transfer to velocity is good only reason I was thinking of not doing that was because of the transfer rate.
if i Converted all 3 of us from KrisFlyer to velocity i would essentially lose one whole persons points in the transfer.

In my opinion, it is better to lose some of those points so that you have a larger Velocity balance overall which you can actually use than to have a few thousand points here and there that are completely useless.

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Hi @tim1987

I’d second everything @djtech has said. I’d just add that Etihad and Virgin Atlantic each have their benefits, particularly if you’re able to family pool and particularly if you’re in Perth.

If you want to fly to NZ, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has dirt cheap redemptions from Perth flying Air NZ – from memory, 10,000 points in Economy or 15,000 points in Business. This is a fantastic way to fly to NZ from Perth.

Also you could read this very recent Point Hacks article on the benefits of Etihad Guest Miles to Australians.