Where should I credit my flights? (JAL, KLM, AF, AZ)

So my wife and I have booked a euro trip which is in two weeks and I am trying to work out best option for earning points.
We booked via flight Centre using credit card so some points there.
But the catch is we found cheap flight via Google ita flight matrix.
I is flying via multiple airlines.
All business class flights. Got them for a steal.

Melbourne to Negrita Japan via JAL
Negrita to Amsterdam via KLM
Amsterdam to Athens Via KLM
Then Rome to Paris via Alitalia
Paris to Negrita via air France
Then Negrita to Melbourne via JAL.

My question is. How will I earn points and status credits on these flights can I earn the with Qantas being a partner airlines or should my wife and I join all the different points programs (not sure which programs they are).

What’s best case options here. It’s all a little overwhelming.
What would you do in this scenario.

All airlines are partners with Qantas (as of news today for KLM and Air France) except Alitalia which is SkyTeam.

So to the best of my knowledge, all points and status credit will go to your Qantas FF account if you wish that.

Do you have any idea how I would make sure that these points go to Qantas?

Let’s just take a deep breath here. Not all details have been released yet, and I may have missed something, but this is how I understand things…

Qantas is now entering into a deeper codeshare agreement with KLM and Air France on three routes: Hong Kong to Paris, Singapore to Paris, and Singapore to Amsterdam.

That does not mean that KLM and Air France are now full alliance partners with Qantas and that Qantas points can now be earned on all KLM and Air France routes. You will not be able to earn Qantas points with KLM and Air France on the routes you are taking.

You have several options, but if it were me, I would credit my JAL flights to Qantas and I’d credit the KLM, Air France and Alitalia flights to one of the Skyteam FF programmes – probably Delta would be my choice because of Delta’s partnership with Virgin Australia.

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