Where have all the Cathay Pacific award flights gone to?

Hello Everyone, i am hoping to book a FF flight with Cathay that has previously had lots of availability, on multiple days but has disappeared off the Qantas page. I can see the flight on the Cathay site, but is not available on the Qantas FF page. I am looking at early October next year? TIA!

The consistency in finding award seats has disappeared since the enhancement (Devaluation) from June 2018. It used to be that you could reliably find unsold seats 7-30 days before flight. Now they seem to drop randomly.
If you have expertflyer subscription, you can create award seat alerts. Otherwise, if you are like me, you will have to check religiously everyday.

Partner airline programs should only see the lowest tier of seats (I think they are called Standard). The higher tiers are reserved for Asia Miles members and costs more Asia Miles.

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