Where has Cathay Pacific reward flight availability gone to?

Is it just me or in the last week I can’t find any reward flights for Cathy pacific on Qantas. There were lots of flights available early next year and then , boom they have all gone. Has something hanged with the alliance between QF and CX. Hope someone has the answers!

Hi Jonny,

No, it’s not just you. Cathay has rejigged and restructured its FF programme as of June 22. This may be a mark of reduced availability going forward, but my guess is that things will come back online over the next few days. The Cathay website itself is a bit of a mess, with reduced availability, at the moment. Watch this space.

Its back up today, though I seem to be having difficulties finding much business class availability for Cathay flights from European cities for June next year. Might be normal behaviour though!