Where can you check Qantas business class loading?

About to book a return flight SYD to PER next week and was hoping to upgrade to business class from flexible economy.

Read somewhere you can check flight loads before you book to increase the chances of upgrades.

I am currently Gold status and almost Platinum so looking to add this trip to get me there.

Thanks for any help provided,


Hi Terry,

I have heard that you need to have Qantas staff access to check actual loadings. Some travel agents may have access to this info too.

As a normal civilian, I would see whether you can see Classic Reward seats of the class that you want on the same flight (i.e. imagine you are booking a Classic Reward seat from scratch). If you see seats, that should give you a rough indication of availabilities.

If you have or know of others with subscription of Expertflyer, I believe that can also see the different fare buckets and what is available. However, that is getting a bit deep and not the actual loading (AFAIK). Hence, I would not get into it as I am not a subscriber and don’t know a great deal about this as well.

Thanks for the response and will check classic reward seats


Hi Terry,

w-hiew is correct, but I have access to actual Qantas loads. What flight and date do you need to know and I will advise?