Where best to transfer 800,000 Amex points for flights to Japan, Hawaii and USA?

Hi folks,
Hoping to pick all your brains! I have 800,000 Amex points and was hoping to move them to 1 or a few frequent flyer partners before the devaluation in April.
We have 2 children and typically enjoy travelling in business class (though we realise redeeming for 4 business class seats is practically impossible for some flights). Our destinations over the next 2-3 years include Japan, Hawaii and USA and was wondering where I should move my points to best access flight redemptions to these countries? We also prefer flying direct (or as direct as possible) to destinations to save my sanity.

Many thanks in advance

It sounds like Qantas flights would serve you well if you are after direct flights to those destinations. However, like you have mentioned, finding 4 business seats might be challenging. Do you have Qantas status?

Which credit card is your Amex points with? Is it Ascent, Ascent Premium or Gateway?

Hi w.hiew,
Thanks for your help! We don’t have a huge Qantas status- we don’t really have a credit card that accrues much Qantas points so flying Qantas isn’t really a huge option for us. There isn’t a way I could move Amex points to Qantas is there?

Our Amex card basically converts 4:3 for most frequent flyer airlines (so Gateway?).

Many thanks

Ah, Gateway pts. You could transfer to Asia Miles to redeem oneworld flights (such as Qantas). Good luck! Well done on the large pt balance.:clap: