Where and how to start to learn trip planning with points?

New to all points and hacks.
Partner and I have Amex platinum have about 400,000 points roughly.

We have no clue where to travel or how to travel.

How do we find the best seats for the best price with the least amount of points.

Travelling economy is not an issue if we don’t have to pay extra out of pocket.

Also have 3 children to buy tickets for.

Just trying to figure out airlines and how to search for the best and easiest way to do this

Hi @najiha.l.d

Welcome to the world of point hacking!

I’d strongly suggest that you do two things.

First, navigate to the Point Hacks Guides homepage and browse and read at your leisure.

Second, sign up for the Point Hacks email course.

Armed with all that information, you’ll then be in a position to decide where and when you want to travel, and how to get there.

Naturally feel free to contact us again with any specific questions you have.

All the best!