When using complimentary Qantas Lounge Passes, will my kids need passes for entry?


Will be travelling from Sydney to Townsville in July on Jetstar.

I have 4 Complimentary Qantas Lounge passes in my account, I am not a Qantas Lounge club member.

The kids are aged 2 and 4 and we have a Jetstar ticket for each. From what I can find on the Qantas site, if the lounge passes are complementary, then they will require a pass to enter the Qantas lounge.

Is this correct or are kids still young enough to still be included with my wives and mines Complimentary passes?



Hi @gadgets

As it seems you’ve already worked out, the Qantas Lounge T&Cs are pretty clear (paragraph 3.1): “Invitations are only for Eligible Customers and Eligible Customers cannot bring guests, including children.”

You could possibly turn up at the Lounge on the off-chance that the staff will let your children in. But you’ll be taking a risk if you do that. Best to use all 4 passes on your family, or to save them until later.

Last time we flew was when my eldest was under 2 and no ticket purchased. We had no issues entering the lounge with just 2 passes.

I couldn’t see anything related to ages of children, hence why I asked.

I have emailed Qantas as well.

There’s absolutely no harm in asking nicely, even if the strict letter of the rules say it’s not allowed. In fact, in my experience, it leads to a good outcome more often than one might think!

Let us know how you go.