When is the next Qantas/Velocity point transfer bonus?

Over the years I have converted basic credit card points to Frequent Flyer (qantas) and Velocity when the BONUS offers have been going… It has been a while since this has been on offer, is it Covid, or are they not doing it anymore?

Hi @lee_saunig

As this guide to transferring Velocity points will tell you, Velocity transfer bonus offers occur 3-5 times per year (depending on what credit card you have), most recently in February 2022. I think it’s safe to expect another one before or about the middle of this year.

As there are far fewer credit cards whose points convert to Qantas (eg. the AmEx Platinum Charge card), there tend to be fewer bonus offers with Qantas, and they are often personalised: that is, they are sent by email to cardholders who have converted points to Qantas FF in the past.

It might also be relevant for you to know that since Flybuys increased its conversion rate to Velocity by about 15%, the Flybuys bonus offers have basically stopped … I suppose the thinking is that now there’s a permanent bonus offer for Flybuys transfers!

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