When is the best time to book business award flights to USA using Qantas points?

Hi All

Just wanted your advice on booking business class flights to the USA(for myself and my wife) in November 2018 using points. I’m keen to understand:

  • When is the best time to book (knowing that flights become available 350 odd days before hand)
  • Am I likely to get better success booking two single trips
  • Is there a better Australian city or USA port where I would get better options?

To make matters a little more complicated we want to travel with my wife sister and boyfriend on either the leg to the USA or on the way back but they will be paying. I am guessing I’ll need to ring Qantas to arrange the booking for all of us on at least one of the legs.

Last thing I am only silver with Qantas which I am assuming limits the options I have as well.

Hi jamesleacho9,

I would suggest booking as separate itineraries. (no benefit I know of to book as return trip). I like to book exactly on the day they open the date for booking. I would try all US ports that Qantas fly to to increase my chances of getting 2 seats to US as it is 1 of the 2 most popular destinations (EU is the other 1). You can book the revenue (paid with cash) flights separately. As it is very unlikely that they would be fully booked so early on. Award seats are the critical bit in your plans. So secure your award seats before booking the revenue fare.