When does Qantas open new frequent flyer flights to their system?

I have been searching for a flight from Sydney to LAX or SFO for next September 2017 every day of this month and I am not able to obtain the two business class seats that I am chasing. (I have also tried Melbourne and Brisbane as the departure point)

There are of course flights with Cathay to both cities, which incur an extra 10 hours out of my holiday and considerable more points (we are going to New York at Christmas with Cathay, as it was the only option when I booked this last December).

There are also flights from Nadi, but I do not wish to fly Fiji Air

I thought the new flights for a new day came down at 10am, but I believe this to have changed. I have read through all the frequent flyer courses and questions, but unable to find an answer.

My first choice of course is with Qantas, direct to either city so want to persist!

I would really appreciate some assistance with the times that these flights are downloaded on the system.

Thanks in advance


Hi Bennings,

Qantas open for booking 353 days in advance.

Persistence is great but Dec is peak season and award seats to USA is hot property, especially on the flying kangaroo.

Have a read of this post and if you still have more questions after, please ask.


My best advice is be flexible with airlines, dates and routes. However, your persistence might pay off.

One test you can try to find out the time of new date release is to check calender under normal bookings and see whether they release at 12am or 10am.

thanks W-Hiew

I am trying to be flexible, and as a last resort I will take the Sydney-Hong Kong - Hong-Kong Vancouver flights (want to go to Alaska)- at an extra 10 hours flying time and 80,000 more points for 2!

It appears that the new flights come on line at midnight - that’s two alarm settings each night! Done so every night this week, to no avail

Might just wait it out a bit now
thanks for your response though, appreciated