When do you have to use your Amex Velocity complimentary flight?

Do you have to book and use the free Velocity Amex Platinum flight for each applicable calendar year?
E.g. in August 2023, I booked the flight for November 2023 which was showing in my Upcoming Trips on the Velocity app. My credit card annual fee just came out which presumably means I am now in a new calendar year and the trip has dropped off my app.
Have I now sacrificed my 2022-2023 free flight?
Do I have to rebook my November flight and use my 2023-2024 free flight?
Any help appreciated before I give Virgin or Velocity or Amex a call!

I believe it won’t be “unbooked”. Most likely it is just an app glitch. Have you tried managing your booking online with the booking reference?

Thanks for your response…it has re-appeared thankfully!
But I’m still confused as to whether you have to use in the same year or just book in the same year, in which case how long do they actually last for?

You just have to book in the same year (i.e. USE the benefit), but you can fly way into next year. If you want to take advantage of this, you could for example book a ticket for yourself in the first year for travel next year, and then book another ticket for your partner in the next year once your card has been renewed to travel at the same time!

That’s awesome to know, thank you :blush: