When do Qantas, Emirates and Qatar release award space?

Hi all,

I am hoping for some insight in relation to booking a rewards flight for June/July 2023.

I would like to fly Sydney to Rome either via Perth (Qantas), Dubai (Emirates) or Doha (Qatar) using Qantas points.

How far in advance does each airline open reward seats for their particular route?

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Legend! Thanks so much mate.

Hi mate, do you know specifically when the Emirates Rewards allocation opens? I am having trouble pin pointing the day they open and I assume they are being snapped up straight away so I am not seeing any availability.

Do I need to check at midnight or the exact time the flight departs ~330 days out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not very sure. You might have to search around or experiment. Some airlines may release at GMT time?

However, you may find it may be no reward seats being released to Qantas and not so much the seats being snapped up immediately. Only say this is a possibility because plenty of people complaining about zero award space for the whole year so not sure whether they are all taken or not being released like clockwork.