When do Qantas Classic Awards for Lord Howe Island open up? Are they blacklisted?


Does anyone know if it is even possible to book flights from Sydney to Lord Howe Island using points? I am flexible with dates so have tried different days of the week, different weeks, different months for the next year - I get nada. Have they just made this impossible because the number of points required is so little compared to the price of the airfares?


Great question, I have been looking into this myself for a possible trip at the beginning of summer later in 2016.

What I’ve seen is that there a maximum of 2 seats available on any given day (if any).
The seats that are available at this point (last time I looked was a week ago) were up to mid-August. After that there is nothing.

This obviously coincides with the off-peak travel season. However… that’s not to say that awards won’t open up closer to departure, so I’m monitoring availability on a regular basis to see what the trend is.

Thanks Keith. You’ve done better than I have; I can’t see any seats whatsoever. Assuming you are not going to use them, can you give me the dates where 2 seats popped up for you, just so I can see if they do for me too?