When can one transfer ANZ Reward Points to Velocity Points again?

A recent post asked when will the ability to transfer ANZ Reward points to Velocity resume. The ability to do so is still being paused by ANZ.

I just received 100,000 ANZ Reward Points for an offer ANZ had with their “ANZ Rewards Platinum” card. It is my intention to redeem these points for 50,000 Velocity Points once the ability to do so resumes.

Can I cancel the card in the meantime?

Unfortunately, if you cancel your card before transferring the points, the points will go with the cancelled card/account after a short period of time. It is usually recommended to transfer/empty the point balance before cancelling.

On your question of when will ANZ restart transfers to Velocity, unfortunately, I do not know.

Thanks again Warren. I’ll hold onto it then. Can’t be too much longer now before ANZ open up transfer to Velocity points again.

“paused by ANZ” - is this ANZ code for year long commercial dispute between ANZ and Virgin Australia / Velocity?

Meanwhile ANZ discontinued the free domestic return flight previously associated with the ANZ Travel Adventures Visa card in December for a reduction of the annual fee. $225 down to $120.

To another Australian state capital city the previous ANZ return award flight (free air ticket) was valued at about $500 for my situation.

So far not much has been said about ANZ reward points no longer being able to be transferred to Velocity.
ANZ reward points have a finite life. No waiver or extension to the expiry date of the ANZ Reward points has been communicated.

If ANZ Rewards maintained this “pause” for another year or so a great amount of ANZ Reward points will expire if not used for other less valued rewards.

I’ve given up on ANZ restoring the transfer to Velocity. It’s been “paused” for so long now that you can’t count on them restoring it, and ANZ are indeed one of the worst institutions to deal with. But it hasn’t stopped me from signing up for the ANZ Rewards Platinum card twice now. The card provides 100,000 ANZ reward points and $50 cash back, for a really easy to achieve $1,500 minimum spend. Because you can’t transfer to Velocity, you can instead redeem for a $500 flight centre vouncher which to me looked like the best option. So for literally $45 ($95 cost of card minus $50 cash back), you can easily get a $500 Flight Centre voucher. And the voucher will last for 3 years.

I have also given up on them. I had about 4-5 rewards credit cards with different institutions, and ANZ is my least favorite. I just cashed out with a woolies gift card before my annual fee was due.