When can I redeem July 2018 Emirates flights with Qantas points?

How far in advance can I book a flight from Manchester - Dubai - Sydney at the end of July 2018? Wanting to do business class, have plenty of points but don’t think my status will give me the results unless I do it as soon as it is available. Would like to spend 1-2 nights in Dubai so probably looking at a multi city booking. Any advice would be appreciated

The trick I use is to check how far in advance you can book with $. Do this check with both the FFP airline and the airline you want to fly on (in this case check Qantas and Emirates).

Qantas says July 16 and Emirates say June 21. So you should only see Emirates flights on Qantas website up to June 21.

For flights on the end of July 2018, I would suggest keeping an eye in 30 days, depending on which dates you want to book. Have a play yourself just to be sure.

as far as I know status plays no role in full awards bookings and availability except if you are in platinum where slightly more are available.

status plays more a part in upgrades with points.

as for stopover, if it’s longer than 24 hours it will be counted as 2 separate bookings Syd-dubai and dubai-manchester and cost more points than a sydney-manchester booking.