What's your success rate with Qantas upgrade requests for both forward and return trips?

Hi. What is your success rate/experience with getting Qantas Frequent Flyer upgrades on forward and return trips? I’ve got enough points, however it appears to me that they only approve one upgrade for each booking (my experience anyway)

Not always the case, however if you’re using your points to upgrade a family member who’s either not a member at all themselves or is a member with lower status than yourself, yes it would be common that you yourself might get it and your travelling companion won’t.

Basically Qantas go through a list for upgrades and give them out starting from the top; Platinum down to Bronze. After that comes customers with paid Qantas club membership, and then will come your travel companion if they’re not a member themselves. So obviously you and your travel companion may be placed higher or lower up on that list, so yeah unless the flight is quite empty it’s probable that one but not both of you will get the upgrade.

May I ask what route you plan on travelling, what time of year you’re travelling, what status you hold and what type of upgrade (i.e. economy to PE, PE to business) you’re after? Could help give you a better idea of your chances