What's the usual pattern for the discount on Velocity Point Redemptions?

Hey There,

I was hoping to get some insight from some more experienced point hackers whether there is a pattern to the discount on point redemptions that velocity run.  I know that there was one back in May/June and need to book some business class tickets to London -15-20% off would be pretty sweet!

Thanks for your help in advance.


I’ve written this up here. Previous promos have been:

May 2015: 15% transfer bonus, 15% discount
November 2014: 15% transfer bonus
May 2014: 10% transfer bonus, 10% discount
October 2013: 15% transfer bonus, 15% discount
April 2013: 15% transfer bonus
October 2012: 15% transfer bonus
September 2011: 20% bonus

It seems they only offer the discount at the end of the financial year (so far). That could of course change though.

Thanks Keith! Much Appreciated!