What's the likelihood of getting an upgrade from Qantas Business (I) to First class if I have Platinum status?

Any thoughts on the likelihood of obtaining an upgrade from a business (I) fare to first for the Qantas Dallas to Sydney flight during the month of May? Platinum status, traveling alone.

Hi Koz,

Will you be bidding for an upgrade (with points/cash) or hoping for a complimentary upgrade based on your status?

These day it appears impossible to receive a complimentary upgrade based on status alone via Qantas due to their bidding system.

Cathay Pacific in my experience is the opposite, a family member of mine is Marco Polo Diamond (Oneworld Emerald) and is upgraded on most flights due to status even though they too have a bidding system.

I am sure there are exceptions to this however I have found that Cathay looks after their high level frequent flyers a lot better than Qantas does.



Thanks, Thomas.

Qantas is the best choice as the vast majority of my travel is directly between US and Aus.  Not asking about complimentary upgrade, just about upgrade requested with points on a cash ticket.